Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health

The Organization


The "Hellenic Organization for Company Sports & Health" (HOCSH) is the only official and recognized Non-Profit organization in Greece. Its main purpose is the mobilization in "lifelong exercise", the improvement of health and the socialization through sports and recreational activities within the work environment.

HOCSH represents Greece as a partner and active member of the European and the World Federation of Corporate Sports (EFCS & WFCS), even participating in their Management.
At the same time, it operates under their auspices, ensuring the know-how, exchanging good practices and participation of the Greek teams in their international sports events.

The main objective of both the WFCS & the EFCS is the promotion and development of company sport culture in Europe and worldwide. The European Company Sport Games is the major event in the European Company Sport calendar. Since the first Games in 1977, the number of participants and the magnitude of the Games have grown dramatically from 800 participants to more than 7,500. Summer and Winter Games are organized in popular European destinations bringing together participants from 45 countries competing in 35 disciplines.
The World Company Sport Games is the most important major global multisport event with an impressive number of more than 6.000 athletes from all over the world!



Our vision it to create fertile ground for the flourishing and development of corresponding initiatives by companies and employees, so that the company sport may actively contribute to the evolution of sports culture international as well as in Greece!


  • The foundation and evolution of the concept of "active workplace" .
  • The creation of opportunities for physical activity as well as for social connection for all employees with an easy and accessible way.
  • The interconnection of Greek Corporate Teams with corresponding teams from abroad.
  • The active promotion of Greece as a destination of Corporate Sports.
  • The involvement of the whole family of employees in joint actions that promote the benefits of an active lifestyle & strengthen the family ties.


The Hellenic Organization for Company Sports & Health has a non-profit character and is governed by the Board of Directors, whose members participate voluntarily. All members of the Board of Directors have many years of experience in organizing and conducting large-scale sports & leisure events and share the same vision of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle in all phases of a person's life.


Nikolaos Kerasovitis: President

Moraitis Ioannis: Vice President

Karavouli Papadaki Niovi: Secretary