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Press Conference of the 3rd World Company Sport Games 2020

Absolutely successful was the Press Conference of the 3rd World Work Sports Games 2020! 

On Thursday, February 27th, the Press Conference of the 3rd World Company Sport Games was held in the Serafio City of Athens with the presence of the athletic, political leadership and local government officials who hailed the organisation.

A special honor for the Hellenic Organization was the presence of Lefteris Avgenakis, Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, George Mavrotas, General Secretariat of Sport, George Patoulis, Regional Governor of Attica, Christos Tentomas, Chairman of the Municipal Council of Athens and Chairman of the Central Union of Municipalities Of Greece, Anna Rokofyllou, President of the Organization of Culture, Sport and Youth of the Municipality of Athens, Gregory Constantellou, Mayor of the Municipality of Vari Voula Vouliagmeni, Yiannis Theodorakopoulos, President of the Hellenic Association of Sports Press, Christina Tsiligiri, Managing Director of Peace and Friendship Stadium, Voula Kozomboli, President of the Hellenic Association of Participants in the Olympic Games and Georgia Tsatsou, CEO of Erasmus. 

The "3rd World Company Sports Games" were assigned to our country in June 2017 by the World Federation of Company Sports after a successful evaluation of our candidacy, compared to other candidate countries."It is about a sport event of national importance, the third in a row large multi-sport event after the 2004 Olympic Games and the 2011 Special Olympics, with a huge impact that will contribute significantly to the international promotion of the Olympic city of Athens and our culture heritage, as well as in the development of sport tourism, attracting a significant number of visitors who will either take part in the games, or will travel to Greece as athletes' escorts, making use of our tourist infrastructure and promoting our country internationally to executives of Organizations and Companies " affirmed the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Games, Spyros Karavoulis in the Press Conference.

"This is a big event that will confirm that Greece is entering the field of big events dynamically. It is the first time that such an event will be hosted in our country, and we are obliged to help with all our forces ", said the Deputy Minister of Sports Lefteris Avgenakis.

The General Secretary of Sports, George Mavrotas, also pointed out the importance of the Games: "We consider sports as a way of life that has multiple positive effects on our society. The climate, the tradition, the facilities, in which we will seek to improve, are the pole of attraction of the waves of sports. More than 6,000 guests who will come for the Games from abroad, will become ambassadors for Athens, for Greece. I believe that we will succeed famously ".

Supporter to the event is the Attica Region. "The contribution of the World Games to the tourism promotion is very important, at a time when tourism is the driving force of the economy. The event is perfectly intertwined with health and respect for the values ​​of the sports movement and highlights our place. That is why the Attica Region puts it under its auspices ", stressed the Attica Regional Governor George Patoulis.

The president of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Athens, and the president of sports of KEDE, Christos Tentomas, spoke about the importance of work sports. "People in Greece need to learn what work sports mean and deal with it. We will be next to the event ", underlined Mr. Tentomas. In fact, he had supported the claim of organizing the World Games by the Hellenic Organization of Company Sports and Health as President of OPANDA. in 2017.

Some of the sports will be hosted in the municipality of Vouliagmeni - Vari - Varkiza and at the stadium "Peace and Friendship". "Major sporting events beyond sports create the golden opportunity for our country and cities that participate in their hospitality, to highlight nature, culture and infrastructure, to become a pole of attraction for visitors," said Mayor Grigoris Konstandellos and the coordinator and general director of S.E.F. Christina Tsiligiri, added: "This is a great initiative. We are moving to a change of page in SEF, which is trying to embrace sports events, so that sports tourism can be developed. I invite people to take part in one of the 28 sports ".

Old glories of Greek sports that have represented our country in the Olympic Games are expected to take part in the event. "The Association of Participants in the Olympic Games will support the event with its presence and participation. It is a first class opportunity to advertise our country, which is suitable for sports tourism. We will be there ", stressed the president of H.O.A. and "silver" Olympian Voula Kozompoli.

Journalists - members of the Panhellenic Sports Press Association will also have the right to participate in the Games."The P.S.A.T. institutionally embraced the event. Working sports in the near future will gain ground in our country and we invite our members to promote the event and take part in it", underlined the president of P.S.A.T. Giannis Theodorakopoulos.

The World Compsany Sports Games are also expected to boost the country's economy. According to initial estimates, there will be 25,000 nights for Athens. "We are ready to host them. Every happy visitor will become an advertising ambassador for the country and can bring in up to 100 visitors," said Georgia Tsatsou, CEO of Erasmus, the official travel partner of the Hellenic Organization for the World Games.