Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health


The Hellenic Organization for Company Sports and Health (HOCSH) aims to develop and promote sports activities as well as the health and the well-being in the work environment.

The activity of HOCSH has been supported over time by many ministries, organizations of the local authority, companies and other institutional supporters which contribute substantially to the orderly conduct of the company sport games.

Thanks to our supporters who are always close to the athletes-employees and their precious cooperation, our vision becomes a reality!

HOCSH, the only officially recognized organization by the WFCS (World Federation for Company Sports) and EFCS (European Federation for Company Sports) in Greece, strengthens the faith and commitment to the idea of company sports, always in collaboration with its supporters! Simultaneously the partnership contributes to the moral reinforcement of the employees in relation to their work environment and its improvement.

The assistance of the organizations in this project as well as the cooperation with them strengthens our main concern, security as well as the development of a confidential relationship with the participants.

Our actions have been supported over time by:






















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