Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health


Dear participants,

Dear sports friends,

Following our previous communications concerning the postponement of the World Company Sport Games in Athens due to the COVID 19 health crisis, we had indicated to you that the new date of the games would be determined in early June in coordination with the Organizing Committee for Athens Games and the Greek authorities.

It's now done and decided, so please note that the next World Company Sport Games (WCSG) will take place in Athens from June 16th until -20th June, 2021.

This decision follows consultation with all stakeholders, sports organisations, national and European authorities, to ensure an event that meets everyone's concerns: quality of organization, health security and good economic conditions.

You have already received information on the registration / reimbursement procedures for the Games and the exceptional measures taken by the Greek government to extend the credit period for hotels, transport and other services to 18 months. We invite you to contact the Organizing Committee in the coming days and weeks and confirm your registrations and / or officially register your company, your teams for the 2021 Games.

The Organizing Committee will also complete this information and is at your disposal for any further information (Website and email welcome@athens2020.org).

We hope to see many of you for an exceptional 2021 edition of the Athens World Games.


Best regards,


Didier Besseyre, 

WFCS President