Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health


09/03/2022 - 12:00 to 13/03/2022 - 10:00

Discover Jahorina, meet Europe!
Welcome to the 15th European Winter Company Sport Games!

The 15th European Winter Company Sport Games will be hosted in Jahorina, under the auspices of the European Federation for Company Sport and the Serbian Federation for Company Sport.

Jahorina, a famous Olympic Center and symbol of the Balkans, is a place of beautiful nature and also a venue for various sports, cultural and social events’ realization.

Jahorina offers ideal conditions for winter sports and is a point for major international sports events, while the Olympic Center Jahorina is a unique mountain resort, recognized as the “Most Beautiful European Destination”, in the Lonely Planet magazine.

Athletes prefer it for their preparation and strength rejuvenation either as individuals or groups, thanks to its favorable climate conditions, not to mention that the 1984 Winter Olympic Games took place there, as well.

In 2022, the 15th European Winter Company Sport Games at Jahorina, will be of high organizational standards and greater than ever before.

Meet teams from countries across Europe and get prepared for an intensive, yet nutritious program, consisting of three sports’ days and dining evenings, as well as a cocktail night for the head group of representatives.

Register and discover the location and its nature, sports opportunities, modern hotels and guesthouses, local cuisine and entertainment options, as Jahorina is well known for its friendly atmosphere.

Engage in effective competition with colleagues from throughout Europe, from companies that promote company sports as a tool for open communication, bonding teams through shared emotion. A great welcome awaits all who long to succeed in sports’ contest and those who appreciate physically less demanding disciplines and games. All those who know that sport is a universal language, bringing together people, businesses and countries.